architectural design jobs

The company is able to meet the demands of designers for high quality individual products, whether as a one off, or a limited production. Items can be either for architectural design jobs covering interior design or antique styled outdoor lights

Over the years the company has enjoyed a long established relationship with a number of leading London Studios. Working closely with the designers to ensure that their discerning clients receive their desired product.

Reproduction antique lighting

The range of work has been vast, including the manufacture of reproduction antique lighting such as chandeliers, wall lighting, antique outdoor lights, and other handmade outdoor lighting

Interior design

In addition we manufacture tailor-made door furniture, curtain rails, tiebacks and metal/glass furniture of various types; in fact the list is almost endless.

The Company has recently produced a range of high quality bespoke doorknobs for which a brochure has been produced and is available giving full details upon request, or check out our own Dexter Roundles range in our Products page which is the Trade name for our latest range of door furnishings.

Examples of various lighting repaired or manufactured by our company.

reproduction antique lighting  
antique outdoor lights  
reproduction antique lighting  
Ceiling Lantern with extensive restoration Outside wall Lantern
Manufactured to designers requirements (courtesy of John Stefanidis Ltd)
Internal Mirrored Lantern
Completed to designers own drawing (courtesy of John Stefanidis Ltd)

John Armistead Restorations

For architectural interior design jobs and reproduction antique outdoor lights



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