Dexter Roundles open doors in great homes, old or new as handles, as ornaments, and among the best money can buy. For the client with a discerning eye for luxurious elegance. The Dexter Roundles products offer the individual the opportunity of tailoring our range to suit your personal taste whether you want personalised door knobs or reproduction antique door knobs made to your own unique design we can assist.

These door knobs are made in exotic hardwoods, with a variety of metal finishes like 24-carat gold plate, silver-plate and bronze and a choice of inserts ranging from semi-precious stones, matching wood or metallic finishes. Personalised engraving of initials, monograms or crests are also available. In fact customised to your individual choice.

The standard range of woods available are Padauk, Pau Amorillo, Old Oak, Tulipwood, Amazique, Kingwood, Bubinga, Purple Heart and African Blackwood.


Semi-precious stones available as inserts are Hematite, Rose Quartz, Coloured Agate, Bloodstone, Blue Stone, Gold Stone, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Black Onyx, Nephrite Jade, Malachite and Turquoise.


Click on a stone for a larger view

There are also various styles:

The Victorian
classical smooth doorknob
The Georgian
turned half bee-hive
The Regency
full turned bee-hive
Black door knobs
oak door knobs
beehive door knobs

The Victorian in African Blackwood

The Georgian in Old Oak

The Regency in Tulipwood

The Tudor
full fluted doorknob with grooved mount
The Elizabethan
half fluted handle with grooved mount
classic door knobs
antique styled door knobs

A brochure is available on request.

All are available as individual handles, pairs or multiples. All related furniture, including hand-cut metal and wood key escutcheons, back plates and polished round drawer and cupboard knobs to match.